Four Generations and One Very Special Baptismal Gown at Christus Victor

Published March 18, 2013 by admin
The year was 1948 when Julia and Ellsworth Anderson joined Christus Victor Lutheran Church in Dearborn Heights. They had six daughters Susan, Carolyn, Peggy, Beth, Julie and Carrie.

The family tradition of the Baptismal Gown started with their second youngest daughter, Julie. She was the first to be baptized in the gown. She was baptized on May 8, 1960 at Christus Victor. Her sister Carrie was the next to wear the gown at her baptism. All six of the sisters were confirmed at Christus Victor Lutheran Church.

Since then Sara, Todd, Melissa, Alexis, Carrie, Jean, Anderson, Ryan, Luke, Julia, Madison, Ellie, Sara, Jack, Chase, Beckham, and Myles have all been baptized in the same gown. The most recent baptism took place at Christus Victor Lutheran Church on February 17, 2013; 43 years after Julie wore the gown.

Thanks to the Anderson Family for sharing their story of a beautiful family tradition. We hope it continues through more generations.

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